Disclaimer: This guide was made only for reference you can build what you like on your character.
This is original guide and not copied from other sites and made applicable on Ragnarok Forever only or any server that has same configurations if there's any.

Vit knights were made to be the tank of the group. Having high HP and defense help a knight survive in battle while dishing out sufficient damage. This guide will help you on how to build your knight in shining armor.

Vit/Spear Lordknight stats:

Str: 120+ total (+bonus)
Agi: 9-30
Vit: 100+ total (+bonus)
Dex: 60 total (+bonus)
Int: 30 total (+bonus)
Luk whatever

Skill Build:

Increase recuperative Power = 10 (Whatever build is your knight this skills is awesome)
Bash = 10 (You this this for leveling as a swordsman or in PvP vs high agility characters, wear elemental pike then bash'em until they get stunned then wear your preferred pvp pike and they are dead before they gain sanity.
Sword Mastery = 10 (Optional you can skip this if you have elemental weapons or pike because it doesn't need for spears.)
Magnum Break = (Optional if you don't have elemental weapons and need to hit ghost monsters like whisper.)
Provoke = 10 (also optional as this is not recommended for vit knights as you depend on your Def.)
Endure = 10 (You need this on luring monsters when leveling and in pvp for spamming hunters but it is disabled in WoE)


Two-Handed Sword Mastery = 5 (For Aura Blade)
Brandish Spear = 10 (You love this skill for leveling and in WoE as AoE skill)
Spear Stab = 3 (only for requisite for Brandish Spear, although you can use this to push players like priests in pvp or WoE to separate them from their supported players.)
Pierce = 10 (Good for PvP as size of players are medium, Best for some good exp monsters and MVPs as most of them are large sizes.)
Spear Mastery = 10 (Obviously)
Riding = 1
Cavalry Mastery = 5
Aura Blade = 5
Concentration = 5
Tension Relax = 1
Berserk = 1
Spiral Pierce = 5
The rest is up to you.


Elemental Pike for leveling and bashing.
+9 or +10 Pike [4]
Recommended Card combinations.
2x Hydra 2x Skel Worker best damage in pvp.
2x Hydra 1x Skel 1x Mummy if you have enough dex.
2x Hydra 2x Mummy if you have low dex.
2x Hydra 1x Skel 1x Phreeoni If you have budget or lucky.
2x Hydra 1x Skel 1x Turtle general.
2x Hydra 1x Phreeoni 1x Incantation Samurai for thos who doesn't want to switch in pvp.
2x Turtle General 2x Hydra
3x Turtle General 1x Phreeoni for overall weapon (Too expensive and not that recommended.)

Upper Head:
Savage Babe Hat [1]
Evil Snake Lord Hat [1]
Marionette Doll [1]
Magestic Goat [1]
Poo Poo Hat

Middle Head:
Angel/Evil wing ears
Fin Helm
Human Blinker [1]
Blank Ears [1]
Robo Eye [1]

Recommended Cards for headgears:
Deviruchi , Cramp Card + Tarou Accessory

Lower Head:
Romantic White Flower
Iron Cain if you can't afford to create RWF yet.

Full Plate [1]
Chain Mail [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Porcellio (Atk +25 but it lower your Def -5)
Peco Peco
Tao Gunka

Immune Manteau [1] (Raydric Card)
Giant Whisper Card (Optional)

You can replace it with Pauldron [1] for better def.

Boots[1] or Greaves [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Shield [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Thara Frog
Alice Card for MVPs
Andre Egg Card
Executioner Card for large monsters
Golden Thief Bug (Note: on this server GTB card is not 100% magic reduction it was configured to 50% for balanced gaming.
High Orc Card
Horn Card if you hate hunters or long range monsters.
Maya Card

Gloves [1]
Necklace [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Leveling Areas:
1-10: (Novice) south of prontera whack everything especially pupae. or go east after south and kill rockers and poporings (faster)
20-40: Byalan Island level 1-3(Bring wind elementals for best result). or Toy Factory lvl 1.
41-60: Byalan Island 4 or Hodes and Sand Man in south of morroc (Bring Fire elementals). or Toy Factory level 2.
60-80: High orcs in Geffen, Bathories in Alde. Minorous in Pyramid
81-99: High Orcs in Alde Dun, Anolians east of Comodo. Best way if you have priest or lots of zeny is Anubis in Sphinx dungeon.

That's it. As what i have said this guide is originally made and you can build or follow at your own will.