Disclaimer: This guide was made only for reference you can build what you like on your character.
This is original guide and not copied from other sites and made applicable on Ragnarok Forever only or any server that has same configurations if there's any.

High Priest/Priestess were know for best support class in the world of Ragnarok Online. However with less defense considering that you will be the first target in battle, most priest will go down leaving their team behind. This guide will guide you on how to build your priest that can last longer in battles.

Priest stats:
Str: whatever
Agi: whatever
Vit: 99
Dex: all stats left here for faster casting.
Int: 80+ (This depends on your healing, If you heal more or less than 2,000 HP then stop pumping int.
Luk whatever

Skill Build:

Divine Protection = 10
Demon Bane = 10
Angelus = 10
Heal = 10
Ruwach = 1
Teleport = 2
Warp Portal = 4
Pneuma = 1
Cure =1
Agua Benedicta = 1
Increase Agi = 1
Decrease Agi = 1
Skill points left 7 at job 50 so going job 50 isn't recommended.

Now if you notice Blessing and Increase Agi were skipped/not maxed in this build simply because in Ragnarok Forever we have a buffer.

High Priest:
Kyrie Eleison = 10 (Nice Defensive skill especially for vit types).
Magnificat = 5 (Sp recovery for party).
Recovery = 1
Resurrection = 1 (You just need level 1 of this).
Impositio Manus = 5 (For attackers).
Suffragium = 3 (For casters).
Aspersio = 5 (For supporting against undead or demon monsters also you can use this on opposing guild's breaker so they will miss on emperium).
Lex Divina = (For silencing wizards and other casters, You only need 5 of this).
Lex Aeterna = (Double the next damage on target, best with wizard and monk as partners).
Increase Spiritual Power 4-10 (Depends if you will get safety wall stay it at 4 if not getting this skill max will give you unlimited SP).
Sanctuary = 3 (Prerequisite for Safety Wall, You can also max this skill as this can heal emperiums.
Safety Wall = 10
Meditatio = 10
Mana Recharge = 5
The rest is up to you.


rod [4] fabre cards

Upper Head:
Biretta [1] / Savage Babe Hat [1]
with Maya Purple, Mistress
Any headger with +int or dex
Apple of Archer
Poo Poo Hat

Middle Head:
Blush of Groom [1] with Maya Purple, Mistress, Orc Hero

Lower Head:
Romantic White Flower
(flu mask resistance against silence).

Formal Suit [1]
Saint's Robe [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Peco Peco
Orc Lord Card (If your'e a crusader wanna be)

Immune Muffler [1] (Raydric Card)

Shoes [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Buckler [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Thara Frog
Alice Card for MVPs
Andre Egg Card
Executioner Card for large monsters
Golden Thief Bug (Note: on this server GTB card is not 100% magic reduction it was configured to 50% for balanced gaming.
High Orc Card
Horn Card if you hate hunters or long range monsters.
Maya Card

Gloves [1]
Necklace [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Leveling Areas:
1-10: (Novice) south of prontera whack everything especially pupae. or go east after south and kill rockers and poporings (faster)
20-40: Payon Dungeon Heal Bomb.
41-60: Payon Dungeon 3 or Pyramid 2.
60-80: Glast Heim Prison, Church yard.
81-99: Hardest part if you choose this build at first same as 60-80 mobs, that's why other choose to be Turn Undead build at first then reset to Full Support after 99. But don't lose hope. If you have a friend to tank you (which you should have as a priest) just go to Anubis and Heal/resurrect bomb Anubis.

That's it. As what i have said this guide is originally made and you can build or follow at your own will.