Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I downloaded the patcher but my client says it stopped responding.
A. Either your current RO folder lack some files or not updated. In this case we suggest to download our full client in our DOWNLOADS PAGE.

Q. I downloaded the full client/patcher but after I start the game nothing happens.
1. That is because your operating system is not updated therefore your our client files can not be read properly. In this case we suggest to open the fixes folder under Ragnarok4ever or your RO folder then run the installers inside.

2. If problem still exist your anti-virus software might detecting our client security files as false positive declaring the files as virus, You need to restore the file from virus vault and add it as exception.

3. You are have Windows Defender active which is unfortunately sending false positive on a non-microsoft related applications. Disable it by downloading this file then run as admin.

4. If you are having trouble doing this you can ask for remote assistance.

Q. I downloaded the patcher but after I start the game the client is too small.
A. That is because your previous client changed the registry settings. To fix this issue please read the following instructions.
Click start (then run for xp users) then type regedit then enter.
Once the registry editor comes up navigate to
64 bit = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>Gravity Soft
Then delete the folder Ragnarok. The client will ask you to setup your game again then it should be fine.
If not navigate to your RO folder and open setup.exe, choose your desired resolution then click ok.

Q. My game was running before but now it doesn't.
A. Either your you have launched the game with another open client while there's an active auto patch or one of the client files is corrupted. In this case we suggest reinstalling the game.

Q. I downloaded the patcher but my client crash often and have bug maps.
A. Either your current RO folder lack some files or not updated. In this case we suggest to download our full client in our DOWNLOADS PAGE.

Q. Is botting illegal?.
A. Yes, but we do have @autoattack and @autoloot commands for you to be able to hunt or farm hands free.

Q. How can I be strong and rich in game?.
A. Kill monsters, Do not be lazy.

Q. Is buying & selling zeny/items/coins in cash illegal?.
A. Yes. Because technically even if you own these items in game, it is still not yours. The items/zeny/coins are still property of the server.
However selling zeny/items thru Gold Coins is legal because Gold Coins is considered ingame currency.

Q. What are the available @commands?.
A. Available coomonly used @commands are:
@ii ,@iteminfo
@mi ,@mobinfo


Q. I am receiving an error but the game was working before.
A. Go to your Settings>Applications>Ragna4Ever>Storage then clear data. After that run and setup the game and it should be working fine.

Q. How can I view the description of an item?
A. Touch hold the item to view description/drop/trade/etc.

Q. How can I walk continuously?
A. Double-tap and hold finger on an empty cell for continuous walk.

Q. How can I add a hotkey/shortcut?
A. Touch hold the item/skill to place it on a hotkey.

Q. How can I move or resize hotkey?
A. Hold a Hotkey button to close, move or resize it.

Q. How can I sit/stand
A. Tap your character and swipe down to sit and regenerate faster.

Q. How can I change/zoom the camera?
A. You can use multi-touch to rotate or zoom camera (touch using two fingers).