Disclaimer: This guide was made only for reference you can build what you like on your character.
This is original guide and not copied from other sites and made applicable on Ragnarok Forever only or any server that has same configurations if there's any.

Monks/Champions were known for their devastating skill Asura Strike. They can wipe almost everything in their path delivering highest damaging skill in world of Ragnarok Online. This build will guide you on building your monk/champ.

Asura Monk/Champ stats:

Str: 100-120+ total (+bonus)
Agi: whatever
Vit: 60+ total (+bonus)
Dex: 99
Int: 36+ (Make sure your total int is divided by 6).
Luk whatever

Skill Build:

Skill Acolyte:

Divine Protection = 10
Demon Bane = 10
Angelus = 10
Heal = 10
Ruwach = 1
Teleport = 2
Warp Portal = 4
Pneuma = 1
Cure/Agua Benedicta = 1

Now if you notice Blessing and Increase Agi were skipped in this guild simply because in Ragnarok Forever we have a buffer.

Iron Hand = 5
Absorb Spirits = 1
Critical Explosion = 5
Call Spirits = 5
Investigate = 5
Finger Offensive = 5
Asura Strike = 5
Dodge = 5
Blade Stop = 5
Spirits Recovery = 5
Triple Attack = 5
Chain Combo = 3
Combo Finish = 3
Steel Body = 5
Dangerous Soul Collect = 1
Body Relocation = 1 Note: You cannot use Asura for 2 seconds after casting this).


Elemental Chains or Fist for leveling.
Stunner [2] 2x Hydra
Chain [3] 2x Hydra 1x Skel Worker.
Chain [3] 2x Turtle General 1x Hydra if you are rich and lucky.

Upper Head:
​Marionette Doll [1]/Purple Cowboy Hat [1]/ Tarou + Cramp Combo
Any Str Headgears
Poo Poo Hat

Middle Head:
Evil/Angel Wing Ears
Blank Ears [1]
Robo Eye [1]

Lower Head:
​Pirate Dagger
Anything if you can't afford to create them yet.

Formal Suit [1]
Saint's Robe [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Porcellio (Atk +25 but it lower your Def -5)
Peco Peco

Immune Muffler [1] (Raydric Card)

Shoes [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Buckler [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Thara Frog
Alice Card for MVPs
Andre Egg Card
Executioner Card for large monsters
Golden Thief Bug (Note: on this server GTB card is not 100% magic reduction it was configured to 50% for balanced gaming.
High Orc Card
Horn Card if you hate hunters or long range monsters.
Maya Card

Gloves [1]
Necklace [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Tarou + Cramp Combo
Osiris Card (In this server it reduces casting time by 10%)

Leveling Areas:
1-10: (Novice) south of prontera whack everything especially pupae. or go east after south and kill rockers and poporings (faster)
20-40: Payon Dungeon Heal Bomb.
41-60: Payon Dungeon 3 or Hodes and Sand Man in south of morroc (Bring Fire elementals). or Toy Factory level 2.
60-80: Glast Heim Prison, Church yard, Turtle Island use investigate skill.
81-99: Hardest part if you choose this build at first same as 60-80 mobs, that's why other choose to be Agi/Combo monk at first then rebirth to asura champ later. But don't lose hope. If you have a priest friend or enough zenies just go to Anubis bring 2x bloody stunner and lots of blue pots or yggs.

That's it. As what I have said this guide is originally made and you can build or follow at your own will.