Bot Guide

Here in Ragnarok Forever we do not prohibit using bots for simple reason that both server and the players will benefit from it.
So to start with this, please download this file first.
After you download it extract it using WinRar.
Now open the folder and open the controls folder.
First thing to do is open config.txt.

Now you should see these in the first part:
master RO4Ever
server 0
username <-- Do not dare to bot if you do not know what to do with this.
password <-- as well as this
loginPinCode <-- not important
char 0 <-- This is the character selection from left to right starting from number 0.

Next one is your botting location. So use the search function of your notepad or Notepad++ (recommended).
Find the word lockmap.

It should look like this lockMap iz_dun01 for Byalan dungeon 2 for example. Use /where command to know that map name.

Then you should save your bot to the nearest kafra or npc to autostore/sell your items.
Now follow this image to get the npc location.

Search for Autostorage/autosell in config.txt

sellAuto 0 <-- change to 1 if you want to autosell items.
sellAuto_npc prontera 151 193

storageAuto 1 <-- auto storing items when overweight.
storageAuto_npc prontera 147 175 <--- kafra location. Follow the image above to get the coordinates.

Next one will be the autobuffer whenever your bot dies or lose the buffs.
Open macros.txt in controls folder.

automacro buffs {
   status not Blessing
   run-once 1
   exclusive 1
   call {
   do move prontera 151 184 <-- change to the coordinates near npc
   do talknpc 152 184 c <-- change to exact coordinates of the npc same as the above image.
For items control if you want to autosell or auto store open items_control.txt

The example below will sell all jellopies, store all knifes and putsall flowers in cart:

Jellopy 0 0 1
Knife 0 1 0
Flower 0 0 0 1

Now all is set, Just open wxstart.exe and watch your bot if there are errors then just leave it as long as you want.
You can also click View then map to see where your bot is going.