Disclaimer: This guide was made only for reference you can build what you like on your character.
This is original guide and not copied from other sites and made applicable on Ragnarok Forever only or any server that has same configurations if there's any.

Agi/Crit LordKnights before was made only for fun and PVM only. But now they also have a great role in WoE as they can break the Emperium comparable or faster than Assassins (If both has no Doppelganger card equipped). They can have high attack speed and critical rate with the help of the weapon Muramasa. (Note: Muramasa on official and other servers has a low chance of cursing the bearer, however in our server that debuff was removed. With supporting LK skills like Aura Blade + Concentration+ Berserk, they can be a killing and breaking machine.

Agi/Crit LordKnight stats:

Str: 60-70 Should always divisible by 10s
Agi: 80-90
Vit: 30+
Dex: 9-21 For additional atkspeed
Int: whatever
Luk 60-70 Depends on the crit rate you want.

Skill Build:

Increase recuperative Power = 10 (Whatever build is your knight this skills is awesome)
Bash = 10 (You this this for leveling as a swordsman).
Sword Mastery = 1 (Optional you can leave this to lvl 1 if you wear two handed weapon at start).
Two Handed Sword Mastery = 10 (No need to explain).
Magnum Break = 1-10(Optional if you don't have alternate elemental weapons and need to hit ghost monsters like whisper.)
Provoke = 10 (This is good for agi/crit knights since it makes you and your target's attack stronger. Well technically you have high agi and luk which means high flee and perfect dodge rate so being hit will not be a big problem).
Endure = Useless for agi knights.

Two Hand Quicken = 10 (Your best buddy)
Auto Counter = 5 (Not that useful but you have a lot of skill points to spend as agi/crit knight).
Bowling Bash = 10 (Not that useful but you have a lot of skill points to spend as agi/crit knight).
Riding = 1 (Optional if you want to ride peco and walk faster, For me I love to see agi knights w/o peco but it's up to you).
Cavalry Mastery = 5 (See above).
Aura Blade = 5
Parrying = 10
Concentration = 5
Tension Relax = 1
Berserk = 1
Remaining skill points = you decide.


Muramasa is a must.
Tripple Critical Bastard Sword [3].
Quad Critical Katana [4] (If you are insane and want to delete your char soon and stop playing Ragnarok).

Upper Head:
Ghost Bandana
Marionette Doll [1]
Magestic Goat [1]
Any Str Headgears
Poo Poo Hat
Angel Wing

Middle Head:
Fin Helm
Evil/Angel Wing Ears
Censor Bar [1]
Human Blinker [1]
Blank Ears [1]

Recommended Cards for headgears:
Deviruchi , Cramp Card + Tarou Accessory

Lower Head:
Anything if you can't afford to create wings yet.

Full Plate [1]
List of Cards recommended:
Porcellio (Atk +25 but it lower your Def -5, Good for agi/crit.)
Venatu Card
Peco Peco
Tao Gunka

Mocking Manteau [1] (Whisper Card)
Immune Manteau [1] (Raydric Card)
You can replace it with Pauldron [1] for better def.

Boots[1] or Greaves [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Rosary [1]
Necklace [1]
List of Cards recommended:

Leveling Areas:
1-10: (Novice) south of prontera whack everything especially pupae. or go east after south and kill rockers and poporings (faster)
20-40: Byalan Island level 1-3(Bring wind elementals for best result). or Toy Factory lvl 1.
41-60: Byalan Island 4 or Hodes and Sand Man in south of morroc (Bring Fire elementals). or Toy Factory level 2.
60-80: Alligators and Anolians in Comodo, Also upper Comodo Cave Stalactic Golems if you have 90+ agi already.
81-99: Upper Comodo Cave Stalactic Golems, Magma Dungeon lvl 1, Anubis in Sphinx.

That's it. As what i have said this guide is originally made and you can build or follow at your own will.